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saecy logo with icons 350x317CG approved centreS.o.A.E. School of Automotive Engineering is an approved educational centre located in Limassol and in Nicosia. The educational centre focuses on Level 2, 3 and 4 diplomas on ‘Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles’, in cooperation with the City & Guilds of London Institute.

The City & Guilds of London Institute is a worldwide non-profitable organization that concentrates on educating professionals through theory and practice. It was founded in 1878, in London. Throughout these years it has expanded and mastered in 100 countries, in over 8500 colleges / training organizations and offers more than 500 qualifications.

The S.o.A.E. School of Automotive Engineering offers the opportunity to a range of individuals to participate in automotive engineering programs, classifying them into three main educational pillars. It offers:

1. A three year diploma in Automotive Engineering, which is addressed to candidates from secondary schools or candidates who have completed their military service. Candidates who are already working in the automotive engineering industry and need to develop their knowledge and skills are also welcome to participate in the Level 2, 3 and 4 diplomas in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles.

2. New automotive technology seminars, which are addressed to the existing automotive engineers, electrical engineers etc.

3. Special technical seminars on the light motor vehicles. Technical seminars are addressed to existing automotive engineers, trainee engineers who need to gain their specific licenses and to automotive engineers, who are directly related to various car systems; for example, license management fluorinated gases for air conditioning car systems, LPG installation technician license or even for their MOT license.

Modern English Diplomas in Automotive Engineering / Vocational Qualifications

The centre offers professional diplomas, all translated in the Greek language, combining 50% of theory and 50% of practical training. This combination on the Level 3 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles (7290-13), allows candidates to claim an immediate position of employment in the Automotive Engineering area in Cyprus and abroad. The diploma is based on concentrating the essential Credits, by completing the theory and practical courses and tests, which are sent from the Institute in London at the end of each unit.

Issuing the Diplomas

CityAndGuilds logoThe diplomas are issued by the City & Guilds of London Institute and are evaluated firstly according to the European E.Q.F. system and secondly on the respective credits for each technical unit. Throughout the three year Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles, candidates are required to have 73 credits.

Recognition of the Diploma

The diplomas are recognized through the decision of the House of Representatives from December 2015 (Law that amends the Vehicle Technicians law of 2006-2015).

Therefore, the diplomas are recognized at the level of post-secondary education, allowing the professional automotive engineer, after three years of experience, to proceed to his related field without any additional examinations. In the European Union, the diplomas are recognized by the E.Q.F European Qualification Framework, ensuring accessibility points, to continue academic studies in various universities. (Approved by UCAS, currying admission points for university applications).


The study is divided into six semesters. The units start each year at the beginning of September and ends in June. Theoretical and practical units are taught throughout the 10 academic months. Course attendance is at least three times a week from 18:30 to 21:15. The units are taught in the Greek language with a combination of English technical terms.

Educational staff

anad500x250The courses are taught by experienced Automotive Engineers, who are certified by the City & Guilds of London Institute, and the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus – HRDA (E.E.K.). Further, courses are also approved by internal quality auditors (Internal Verifiers), accredited by the City & Guilds of London Institute. The assessors extensive experience with the combination of the modern diplomas of City & Guilds of London Institute, ensure an excellent educational quality.

Teaching Materials

The teaching materials cover all the modern technology on mechanical, electrical, electronics, automotive systems and diagnostic procedures. Courses are divided into the theoretical technical aspect and on the practical training aspect in the center’s laboratories. During the Level 3 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Principles (7290-13), each student has the opportunity to attend 35 different units. The candidate is reinforced to study the theoretical part of each course via e-learning, as well as the center’s main books.


The establishment of automotive technology subjects at level 3 VRQ, are all separated into three main areas.

1. Knowledge: It aims to develop the theoretical aspect of the automotive technology in the classroom using teaching aids and practical demonstrations.

2. Skills: It aims to develop the practical aspect of the automotive technology acquired in real workshop conditions.

3. Competence: The teaching staff’s aim is to develop candidates’ skills on specific automotive technology and the achievement on specific / necessary licenses.

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CG approved centreThe School S.o.A.E. School Of Automotive Engineering (limassol) Limited is an Approved Centre of the Institute City & Guilds in England.

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The S.o.A.E. School of Automotive Engineering (Limassol) Limited is a certified Vocational Training Centre (KEK) of the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HrDAuth) and its' Assessors are Certified Training Instructors (EEK).